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Menu Block for 66biolinks

Menu Block plugin is designed to provide you with a new menu block for 66biolinks


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This installation process should take no more than 1 minutes if followed and done correctly.

1. Backup
Before starting the add-on process, you need to create a backup to make sure that if something goes wrong, you can always restore the previous version.

Backup your database
Backup your files

2. Files update

2.1 Download in your personal account and unpack the basic files with the required version of 66biolinks to your server where you have the product installed.

2.2 Download the purchased plugins in your personal account and unpack the archive with the desired version of 66biolinks on your server in the folder with the installed script.

2.3 Go to the administrative part of your 66biolinks in the “Plans” section, and activate the new block in the plan. For example, if I want a new block to appear in the free plan, then I go to the plans section (for example, ) and activate this block, then click on the “Update and update plan subscribers as well” button (how activate). Now your users can use the new block on their pages.

Attention! If you use third-party addons (except AltumCode and us), then after adding our addon, we are not responsible for the performance of third-party code.

Menu Block for 66biolinks

Available for 66biolinks version 39.0.0

Last Update
September 9, 2023
September 1, 2022
Supported version 66biolinks